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1) After Fred had spent (to spend) his holiday in Italy he wanted (to want) to learn Italian.
2) Jill had phoned (to phone) Dad at work before she left (to leave) for her trip.
3) Susan turned on (to turn on) the radio after she had washed (to wash) the dishes.
4) When she arrived (to arrive) the match had already started (to start).
5) After the man had come (to come) home he fed (to feed) the cat.
6) Before he sang (to sing) a song he had played (to play) the guitar.
7) She watched (to watch) a video after the children had gone (to go) bed.
Cool After Eric had made (to make) breakfast he phoned (to phone) his friend.
9) I was (to be) very tired because I had studied (to study) too much.
10) They had ridden (tor ide) their bikes before they met (to meet) their friends.

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple pas tor past perfect simple)

1) When he (wake up) woke up, his mother (already/ prepare) had already prepared breakfast
2) We (go) went to London because the Queen (invite ) had invited us for tea.
3) He (hear) had heard the news, (go) went to the telephone and (call) called a friend.
4) When she (start) started to learn English, she (already/ learn) had already learnt French .
5) Jane (already/ type) had already typed ten pages when her computer (crash) crashed.
6) By the time he (arrive) arrived at the pub, they (run) had run out of beer.
7) Before that day we (never/ think) had never thought of going to Japan.
Cool I (know) had known him for a long time before I (meet) met his family.
9) They (not/ know) didn’t know where to meet because nobody (tell) had told them.
10) It (be) had been cloudy for days before ıt finally (begin) began to rain.

When we arrived (arrive), the concert had already finished (already/ finish).
It had got (get) worse before it got (get) beter.
By the time ı watched (watch) my favorite program, I had drunk (drink) a cup of beer.
By the time I got (get) to the market, most of the stalls had already closed (already/ close)

Avjectives: -ed or –ing
Choose the correct adjective
1) It was a terrible play and I was bored (bored/ boring) from start to finish.
2) I’m very excited (excited/ exciting) because I’m going to New York tomorrow.
3) Are you surprised (surprised/surprisin) or were you expecting this news ?
4) I’m reading a very interesting (interesting/ interested) book at at the moment.
5) I’ve had a very tiring (tiring/ tired) day at worktoday and I want to g oto bed.
6) Most people were surprised (surprised/surprising) that he won the championship.
7) Visit out exciting (exciting/ excited) new shop!
Cool His speech was very long and very boring (bored7 boring).

Complete each sentence using the correct word from box. Use each word once.

bored interested surprising amusing confused boring amused confusing surprised interesting
1) Your idea is very interesting. Tell me more about it.
2) He told me a very amusing story. I laughed and laughed.
3) She’s isnterested in politics and often talks about it.
4) This is a terribly boring boog. Nothing happens in it.
5) The map was confusing and I got lost.
6) She was bored because she had nothing to do all day.
7) Everyone else thought it was funny, but she wasn’t amused
Cool Colud you repeat that please? , I’m a bit confused because it was very complicated
9) It is surprising that she failedthe exam, because she is a good student
10) Everyone was surprised by the sudden noise.

Reported Speech
Change the following sentences into reported speech
1) I’ll give your raincoat back tomorrow.
My sister told met hat She would give my raincoat back the day after.
2) I have just received a letter from Kevin.
Kevin’s mother said that She had just received a letter from Kevin.
3) I forgot to post your letter yesterday.
Mark told his mother that he had forgotten to post her letter the day before
4) When will you go on holiday?
He asked me when he would go on holiday.
5) What did you ask Frances and Peter?
She asked me what I had asked Frances and Peter
6) Have you finished reading the text?
Jane asked Mary if she had finished reading the text
7) Did you watch the match on TV?
I asked my brother if he had watched the match on TV.
Cool How long have you lived in Turkey?
He asked her how long she had lived in Turkey
9) I’m sorry. I forgot about your birthday.
Marry told Jim that he was sorry . He had forgotten about his birthday.
11) I didn’t like the horror film that we watched with you.
He said that he hadn’t liked the horror film that they had watched with us.
12) Our tenant has refused to accept the rent increase
Her husband told her that their tenant had refused to accept the rent increasse.

What did the following people actually say? Writte their direct statements.

1) The teacher told us that we couldn’t use our dictionaries during the exam.
You can’t use your dictionaries during the exam.
2) The old lady told the police officer that her house had been broken into.
My house has been broken into.
3) Susan told met hat she would be able to visit me.
I’ll be able to visit you.
4) Julie asked the receptionist if they had any rooms free.
Did you have any rooms free? Have you had any rooms free?
5) Peter asked the receptionist how much it was.
How much is it?

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